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Amicus Curea 2023

On April 14th, 2023. This competition was held for the first time at Quaid e Azam Law College, Lahore.

Initially, 42 students competed in the qualifying round, with only 16 successfully advancing to the quiz competition. There were three rounds of the quiz, followed by an intense final individual round. Each team consisted of four members.

The commencement of the competition saw the first round focused on English-related questions, where our team comfortably took the lead. Moving on to the second round, which tested knowledge of Sociology.

The third round challenged us with questions pertaining to the Global Legal System. However, despite the nerve-wracking nature of this round, students emerged victorious, solidifying.

Next came the highly anticipated individual round, which delved into the Philosophy of Law. Each of the students was given two minutes to present their arguments on the assigned topics. They seized the opportunity to confidently showcase my skills and delivered their best performances.