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Literary Day 2023


We are thrilled to share with all of you an incredible briefing. We had the privilege of listening to an outstanding motivational speaker and Urdu language expert, Dr.Arfa Sayeda Zehra. It was an experience that will stay with us forever!

A motivational speaker, she ignited a fire within each one of us with her words of wisdom and infectious energy. Her ability to connect with the audience on a deep level was truly remarkable, and she left the students feeling motivated, uplifted, and ready to conquer the world!

She is also an educator and Urdu language expert, and she had us completely mesmerized with her profound knowledge and love for the language. She effortlessly weaved together the beauty of Urdu with its rich cultural heritage, captivating our hearts and minds.

QLCians are immensely grateful for the opportunity to have been part of this transformative lecture. It served as a reminder that we all have the power to chase our dreams and preserve the beauty of our culture and Islam. Students, take her passion as fuel to propel themselves, and let's cherish the richness of Urdu and all the languages that connect us to our roots.

If you ever have the chance to attend a session with her, seize it without hesitation! You won't be disappointed.

Let's celebrate these remarkable individuals and the impact they are making in the world.

A special thanks to
*Dr. Shaheena Asif Choudhary (Professor Emeritus)*
on whose request, Dr. Arfa Sayeda Zehra graced us with this briefing.