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Parlimenary Debates 2023

On December 23, 2022, Quaid-E-Azam Law College held a Parliamentary Debate on the topic of the Russia-Ukraine War in LLB- III. Seven teams participated in total, representing different nations and organizations.

A healthy debate session where each team presented their arguments before the Honorable Jury in which they highlighted important aspects of the war like its historical background, its current status, its impacts on the global economy and inflation, its causes, and lastly, possibly solutions to the problem.

Participants based their arguments mainly on facts, laws, and International news media reports. This gave rise to a substantial debate between the participants, which was based on the rationale provided in the arguments.

Every team gave their best in representing the stance of the country they were representing, after which each team was given a chance to question the other team's stance and their given possible solutions.

Activities like these give students a chance to not only polish their speaking skills but their research skills as well, as without research, one cannot speak substantially and cannot provide a rationale for the argument. Students got the chance to learn about how international organizations work, how international laws are applied to issues, how an issue between states is solved, and what diplomacy is.

The competition was adjudicated by Barrister Afifa Mudassir and Ms. Zohra Hotiana, LLB (Hons), which was a privilege in itself for every participant to argue in front of such honorable judges.

Team representing Ukraine secured the Team Win with three members Arqam Waheed Chaudhary, Hassan Zaheer, and Shahrukh Khan. Team representing the United Nations secured runners-up with members Haseeb Ahmed Khadim, Umais Shahbaz, and Ahmed Malhi. The Title of Best Speaker was shared between Haseeb Ahmed Khadim and Arqam Waheed Chaudhary.