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Academic Assistance Center

The purpose of the Academic Assistance Center is to help QLC students reach their academic goals. We believe all students should have the opportunity to succeed in their studies.

The center encompasses various tutors who provide support to the students in several ways. They provide the material to students in the classroom, review the text, discuss key points about the lecture and text materials, clarify and explain homework.

Who Tutors?

Our tutors are highly qualified, successful Teacher Assistants who are selected not only for their knowledge but also for their proven desire to help students succeed. Faculty members from every academic division also volunteer weekly in the AAC.

What Courses are tutored?

Tutoring is available for all courses taught at QLC. Centers offer help on a drop-in basis, with no appointment necessary. Tutoring for other innovative subjects is scheduled each term based on the tutor’s availability and the student’s needs. It is the student’s responsibility to read their assignments, attempt homework problems, devote ample time to study, and come to the tutors with questions. If you have never availed yourself of the services offered by the Academic Assistance Center, you do not know what you are missing. Now is the time for you to find out what the AAC is all about and how you can make this a successful session. Take advantage of the help that is available to you. DO IT NOW!