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Academic Intervention Management

AIM was created to provide early intervention for students who experience academic problems at QLC.

AIM Mentors guide their students to resources on campus that can enhance the learning process, such as tutoring services, workshops, and counseling.

Over fifty AIM mentors volunteer from the college’s faculty, staff, and administration. They believe students can benefit from their guidance and expertise in academic areas. Mentors meet with their students individually on a prearranged schedule to discuss anything from time management and study skills to career and transfer plans.

The program is targeted primarily at students who have been placed after the session has started; however, students are encouraged to voluntarily enter the program at any time.

Students are paired with mentors who work with them to develop a plan of action to solve their own problems with the assistance of the college and to identify help within the academic structure. Students who participate in the AIM Mentoring program return to "Good Academic Standing" in large numbers.