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Clinical Legal Studies

The Clinical Legal Study Program helps the new entrants in the legal profession to know the practical aspects of the profession, further serving the Bar, Bench and Public at large. At the college, the students are taught by enthusiastic, highly skilled lecturers. They bring a wealth of experience in legal practice to share with the students.

  • The skills and knowledge needed to analyze and provide solutions to legal problems
  • How to apply knowledge and expertise gained in one legal context to another
  • The skills that are essential to being able to think like a lawyer
  • Researching and using legal materials, constructing, and articulating legal arguments
  • How to use IT productively in legal study and practice

In this program, clinical supervisors and instructors teach students the fundamental pre-trial and trial skills, which they practice in small group settings. Students are divided into small groups, and each group comprises 9–10 students.

Links with the Bar are integral to the course, and practitioners are involved in the course in several ways:

  • You will have several opportunities to perform an advocacy exercise in front of a practitioner and receive valuable feedback on your performance.
  • In the third term, you will have the opportunity to take part in mock trials in the presence of a senior practitioner or practicing judge.
  • You will visit various courts and submit a written report on your visits.
  • You will practice on simulated practical legal problems.
  • Skills guides will set out for you the key elements for competent performance of each skill.
  • Individual narrative assessments by the tutors will give you an evaluation of your attitude towards learning as well as your competence.