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Debating Club

In the words of my great teacher, "for success in life, one must possess the following qualities:

  • Good Attire
  • Good Personality
  • Art of Speech
  • Knowledge
  • Humanity

I think a lawyer must possess all of the above-mentioned qualities, especially "Art of speech", because a lawyer earns through his words".

In my opinion, speaking is not important, but the most valuable thing is that a person must know where, when, how, and what he says. He must speak to communicate. This is, in fact, the art of speech. To become a good lawyer, a person should not only have knowledge of the law but also learn the art of speech.

I am thankful to the Quaid-e-Azam Law College Debating Club, which provides an opportunity for students to learn this art by way of annual bi-lingual declamation competitions.