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Non-Qualifying Law Degree (LLB) route

STANDARD ENTRY (General Rules for all Standard Entry Students)

Non-Qualifying Law Degree (LLB) route 

  • You must be registered for a minimum of 30 credits and a maximum of 120 credits at each level of study.
  • On first registration, you must register to study Common Law Reasoning and Institutions.
  • If you have completed the University of London Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law you may be awarded credit and progress directly to Level 5 and 6.

Level 4

At Level 4 you must complete at least 60 credits at Level 4, including Common Law Reasoning and Institutions before progressing to Level 5.

Common Law Reasoning and Institutions                               Criminal Law

Public Law                                                                                           Contract Law

Level 5

Tort Law

Level 6

Jurisprudence and Legal Theory

Level 6 -Optional Modules

6 optional modules chosen from

Equity and Trusts                                                                              Property Law

Administrative Law                                                                          Conflict of Laws

Introduction to Islamic Law                                                           Evidence

International Protection of Human Rights                                 Company Law

Public International Law                                                                 Intellectual Property

EU Law                                                                                                Commercial Law