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Chief Operating Officer’s Message

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in Quaid-e-Azam Law College.

Law at QLC is taught with a combination of the best traditional and modern methods of both textual and practical. Being in QLC also allows you to take advantage of extensive resources such as law library, online coaching, and Audio-Video Lab, CD-ROM Library and Internet research. These complement the College’s excellent teaching and research facilities so that you can be assured of comprehensive learning support throughout your time here.

Because Law is not studied at school level in our country, many entrants are unsure of what is involved in LLB Degree. Perhaps the best way of explaining the legal study, is to try to remove some of the misconceptions, which have grown up around.

The first misconception is that legal study is exclusively for students who intend becoming Advocates or Judges. While it is true that majority of our students continue from degree into legal profession, a sizable proportion does not. As law plays an increasingly important role in almost all spheres of modern life, it is likely that LL.B degree will continue to provide a useful qualification for a number of career opportunities.

Second misconception is the belief that law is solely about criminal trials. The truth is that most of the legal work does not involve courts. Even of cases which do come to court, a great many are not concerned with crimes at all but rather with people’s rights as employees, consumers and members of local community. In recent years there has been a steady increase in the use of tribunals, rather than the courts, to deal with the legal disputes. It is known as Alternate Dispute Resolution, a full-fledged subject being taught in QLC. Corporate side Chamber Practice is another area, which has bright prospects, for young male and female lawyers.

The law degree has two different roles: it is an academic discipline, worthy of study in its own right as well as necessary preliminary for entry into legal profession, as a lawyer or a judge. This profile gives you an overview of the current changes in the legal profession and of the range of study options and facilities for graduates starting out on a career in law. You will see that we are increasing the diversity of our education and training. We intend to offer you a choice of pathways through the Legal Practice course. We have carried out pioneering work on enhancing the ways in which you can acquire the requisite knowledge and skills through IT-based learning.

Your legal education is the foundation of your career. It is vitally important for your future success that you choose the right place to learn. One which will give you the best knowledge and skills, the opportunity for finding the legal job that is right for you, and networking opportunities for the future too.

QLC is the largest and best-known source of legal education and training in Pakistan. Our focus on life-long learning for lawyers provides unique active links with the profession, and it enables us to invest in specialist resources to help you make a successful transition from initial education and training on to practice. Our single-minded focus on training the legal profession sets us apart from other providers of legal education. All our teaching staff is qualified legal professionals with practical experience that helps bring the learning process to life. In addition, our high level networks enable us to understand and explain changes as they happen.

If you would like to know more about our courses, or would like to come to one of the Open Days we hold at each of our branches, please contact us. Our phone numbers e-mail and website addresses are on the back cover of the Profile.

We would like to welcome you to the QLC. If you do decide to study with us you will be following in the footsteps of many of the country’s successful lawyers and judges and will be making an excellent start of your career.

Chief Operating Officer
Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan
Member Human Rights Commission Govt. of Punjab
(Chairman Legal Education Committee
High Court Bar Association (2020-21)
Member Statute Committee
University of the Punjab
Member Inter University Faculty
Board of Law
Recipient of Centenary Award High Court Bar Association