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Professor Syed Afzal Haider

Laws play a vital role in our terrestrial as well as extra-terrestrial existence. An orderly system based upon immutable but knowable Laws makes this universe an awesome and beautiful place. A disorder in the complex arrangement of the cosmos would certainly end in disaster. The message, therefore, that we get every moment from the environment, is that peace, prosperity and orderly functioning of life is dependent upon observance of laws.

It is therefore imperative that study of Laws in different disciplines of knowledge is undertaken in right earnest to ensure national and international peace and harmony. An important branch of this knowledge is the domain of Constitutional, Civil, Criminal and Fiscal Laws that govern our life on this earth from cradle to grave and even beyond.

Acquisition of knowledge of Laws of the land is the primary duty of every conscientious citizen. In order to attain proficiency in Law. The choice of the institution which imparts legal knowledge is equally important. During my 58 years experience as a student of Punjab University Law College, and as a practicing lawyer, teacher of Law and finally as a member of Superior Judiciary I have found that Quaid-e-Azam Law College Lahore offers enter Law much more opportunities than any other Law College of the country:

  • The entire faculty comprises of Senior practicing Lawyers and retired Judges of the Superior Judiciary.
  • Merit of students during the course of study is acknowledged, honoured and rewarded. This is the only institution which awards a car to the University topper as well as motor-cycles,computers,Umrah tickets,refund of annual fee apart from medals etc.
  • There is a track record of unbeaten excellent university results for the last two decades;
  • Extra lecture by way of summer spell class are organized for revision of courses studies during the academic year;
  • Subjects like Intellectual Property, Human Rights, Cyber Offences, Environmental Law and Banking Laws etc, not presented by the University but of practical utility to the practicing lawyers, are also taught in this institution; and
  • Of course extra-curricular activities and service oriented pursuits are the proud distinctions of Quaid-e-Azam Law College. It is because the motto of this college is LEGAL EDUCATION WITH A DIFFERENCE.

Justice Syed Afzal Haider
Former Judge Federal Shariat Court Former
Federal Law Minister Former Member
Council of Islamic Idealogy Former President
Lahore High Court Bar Association