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Law Clinic- Law education in Practice

A law clinic is a platform that serves multiple commitments by giving practical skills to law students, often deprived people, on real-life challenges under the guidance of Experienced Lawyers.

QLC plays an important role in transforming students into the next generation of lawyers, judges, and parliamentarians. So alongside theoretical knowledge, practical skills are instilled through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Most law clinics are open only to final-year law students, although QLC provides opportunities for all students.

While occupied with the Law Clinic, pupils will get the following paybacks:

  • Law students are equipped with practical knowledge, which they were supposed to acquire after entering the field as lawyers.
  • Law students get the opportunity to learn novel or new areas of law that are not in their curriculum.
  • They work under the regular supervision of veteran lawyers who train them from understanding a legal issue to applying legal thinking.
  • They reinforce their network of acquaintances and develop strong bonds with the legal professionals’ prosecutors, judges, and policymakers.
  • They gain suitable wisdom and self-reliance from the achievements and challenges of working in the legal profession beforehand.
  • They make a difference in individuals’ lives by offering them vital access to legal advice on a pro bono basis.
  • They serve humanity by disseminating legal awareness to the backward class, such as workers, etc.
  • The Law Clinic skill is extremely recommended for law students; it looks great on your resume, plus it gives you the option to try out an area of law before entering the legal field.
  • The Law Clinic provides real-life experiences in law to supplement academic study.
  • Law students deliver presentations to high school students and factory workers to increase understanding of their basic human rights.

Types of Law Clinic:

Law clinics are available in many areas of law, including but not limited to:

  • Street Law Clinic
  • Criminal Law Clinic
  • Consumer Law Clinic
  • Environmental Law Clinic
  • Family Law Clinic
  • Human Rights Clinic
  • Prison Law Clinic
  • Cyber Law Clinic
  • Community Legal Services

Modus Operandi of the Law Clinic

There is typically no classroom factor in law clinics. It includes Court Visits, Workshops, Pupil Training, Research and drafting, dissemination of legal content to the deprived, and giving advice to those who can’t afford legal assistance.

QLC Law Clinic at Work! Consumer Law Clinic

Detailed sessions on consumer protection laws were held. Comprehensive information was imparted to participants about the procedure for filing a complaint and what remedies are provided to an aggrieved consumer in light of the Consumer Protection Act. After this, the whole clinic's participants were divided into three groups, and tasks were delegated. From writing a legal notice, drafting a petition, and conducting a mock trial proceeding.

Criminal Law Clinic

Participants were given knowledge as to how the Criminal Justice System works, from the lodging of an FIR, a complaint, and other recourses to get relief from a Criminal court.

The Criminal Law Clinic took the initiative in organizing a visit to the Lahore High Court exclusively for the members of the clinic, which provided them with a remarkable chance to observe the functioning of the legal system and witness the crucial role played by the judiciary firsthand. A mock trial was held to give participants first-hand knowledge of practical skills.

Street Law Clinic

Participants learn the laws and then spread awareness of them to the underprivileged classes of society. They work under the slogan "Know Your Rights".

Remarks by Law Clinic Participants: Ayesha Ayub

The Law Clinic opens new horizons for studying law. I was so thrilled when I was made part of the Consumer Law Clinic, where we learned from real-life scenarios from drafting a legal notice to practicing a Consumer Law Mock Trial.

Haseeb Ahmed Khadim

In the Street Law Clinic, we did research on basic human rights and designed a brochure. We went in a group to distribute it to people with less awareness of their rights.

Bilal Dogar

It was an overwhelming experience when I went to high school and delivered presentations to students and told them how they could become law-abiding citizens.

Abeeha Bukhari

I am very grateful for the experience as part of the Criminal Law Clinic. We were taught practical aspects of Criminal law, which I was supposed to learn in my final year from the lodging of an FIR to the conclusion of a trial.