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"Consistency is the key to success. What you do every week matters more than a single action. Embrace imperfection and keep pushing forward on your journey."

On June 2, 2023, we experienced the "Best Suitor Award" competition at Quaid E Azam Law College. This competition marked a significant milestone, as it was the first of its kind in the college's history.

My team consisted of four members: All the participants were diligently preparing in the library, adorning the atmosphere with their enthusiasm. The speakers were poised and ready to deliver their powerful arguments on the field.

The competition was structured into two rounds, with the topic centered on "Post-Arrest Bail". Each team had the opportunity to argue on both sides of the topic.

A distinguished three-member bench, consisting of Justice (R) Sardar Ahmed Naeem, Deputy Prosecutor General Abubakar Nauman Kazi, and Saeed Anjum Khokhar, Advocate Supreme Court, presided over the competition. A large audience, including faculty members of QLC, eagerly waited for the final round.

When the final round started, teams presented their arguments with conviction. After carefully considering the arguments from both sides, the judges announced the result. The best team was honoured with the titles of "Best Team" and "Best Petition," and one of them was humbled to be recognized as the "Best Speaker" by the honorable judges.