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Walks for Good Cause

A team comprising faculty members and students of the QLC Free Legal Aid Cell (FLAC) carried out a study to ascertain the areas in which legislation is required to cope with the changing needs of society. The areas in which legislation is required are identified herein. A walk was arranged on February 21, 2023, in order to highlight the need for legislation in those areas. The walk commenced at Lahore High Court and ended up at Assembly Hall, Punjab. Presidents and office bearers of Bar Associations, along with many Practicing Lawyers, Representatives of NGOs, and Human Rights Activists, participated in the Walk.

The attention of the Legislators was attracted to the following areas:
  • Privileges for senior citizens
  • Insurance against accidental deaths
  • Welfare of Orphan children
  • Human Rights awareness
  • Legislation for fastening seat belts
  • Proposed Minimum Qualification for an SHO, LLB
  • Amendments to the Road Safety Act for more safety
  • Legislation for a better life
  • Service-oriented Legislation
  • E-Banking Laws